Tenants first
Relationships that last

What distinguishes MedEquities among healthcare REITs?

We understand the healthcare space — not just the spaces where healthcare happens.

We have experience as owners and operators of healthcare entities that enables us to design our capital allocation around each tenant’s goal and strategies. Drawing on that deep knowledge, we concern ourselves as much with what happens inside the walls of healthcare facilities as about the walls themselves.


For us, business is person-to-person.

We cultivate relationships — not merely transactions — because long experience has taught us that strong relationships, built on communication and trust, are key to the success of all parties involved.


You’ll deal with partners, not bureaucracies.

On every deal, regardless of its size or location, you will be able to work directly with the senior members of our firm — no layers, no filters., We follow a straightforward, hands-on, high-touch approach. Our clients seem to appreciate it.


We’re nimble.

Because you work directly with the decision-makers, we can move fast to make your project happen in a timely way.


Each client is unique. So we believe each solution must be, too.

Every property and market are distinct. Every tenant’s set of needs is different.  So, drawing on our expertise in healthcare and our emphasis on building successful, long-term relationships, we take the time to understand what’s distinctive about your situation — and then tailor a distinctive solution to fit.


Tenants come first.

When our tenants are successful, our properties are successful. So, naturally, we are highly focused on helping you to achieve your specific goals.


A few examples of how we work with healthcare operators

MedEquities can provide the critical funding healthcare operators need to achieve a variety of goals — from financing growth or adding new technologies to expanding service lines and building new facilities. And we do it all in ways that create distinct advantages for those we serve.


Sale-Leasebacks. We have deep experience in acquiring healthcare facilities and then leasing them back to providers — an arrangement that frees up capital for a variety of purposes, such as financing an acquisition,  reducing debt, and increasing cash reserves for future needs.


New Developments. We can provide financing for you to develop new healthcare facilities — or redevelop an existing facility.


Expansions. We can provide financing to expand your existing facilities — or to expand service lines and other capabilities.

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